Justice for Breonna Taylor


photo via wikimedia under the creative commons license

Breonna Taylor has a memorial dedicated to her in Louisville, Kentucky.

On March 13, 2020 Breonna Taylor was shot and killed in her own apartment. She was unarmed and confused, and Louisville officers fired thirty two shots, with six of them hitting Taylor. A year later, her family has still not gotten justice. 

Breonna Taylor and her boyfriend Kenneth Walker lived in an apartment in Louisville, Kentucky. Breonna was a twenty six year old African American woman just starting her life journey. One night around midnight, her and her boyfriend were at their apartment when police officers forced themselves in. The officers Jonathan Mattingly, Brett Hankison, and Myles Cosgrove claimed to have knocked and made themselves known, but Walker said he didn’t hear anything. As the police barged through the door, Kenneth fired a warning shot because he believed they were intruders. In return, the officers shot thirty two times and of those shots, six hit Breonna and unfortunately they were fatal.

Breonna Taylor poster is calling for justice. (photo via wikimedia under the creative commons license)

Although this happened a year ago this month, justice has still not been served. None of the officers who made the attack were charged with murder or held accountable in any way, which has upset people all around the world.

The media has really brought attention and awareness to this case. Many celebrities have made posts, donated, and or spoken on this subject trying to get people to be more aware of racism. Although you can argue whether this was an act of systematic racism or not, people have to realize that police officers are supposed to serve and protect, and not become part of the problem. 

Breonna still had her whole life to live and even planned on becoming a nurse and then starting her own family. Her family described her as a hardworking, loving young woman who did not deserve to die so young. Until these officers get the punishment they deserve, people around the world should continue to come together and fight for the justice she deserves. 

What he helped me realize is that it will always be us against them. That we are never safe.”

— Tamika Palmer


If you’re interested in joining the fight for racial justice go to LDF .