Trump’s Impeachment


Few presidents have ever been impeached by Congress in our well over 200 year history, but Donald Trump is the first ever to be impeached twice. After his act of sedition against Congress on the 6th inciting people to rally and protest at the Capitol building, many are ready to impeach Trump for good and prevent him from running for office evewr again.

While only Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton have officially been impeached, neither was convicted by the Senate and therefore finished their terms accordingly. Donald Trump has followed a similar path to his impeached predecessors, but after the Capitol raid, he stands as the only president ever to be impeached twice, and likely to be convicted by the Senate as his radical actions have pushed many of his Republican supporters away from him.

“Impeachment Rally” by Phil Roeder is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

The House needs just a simple majority to officially impeach the president, but the Senate requires a ⅔ supermajority in order to convict and remove him from office. Currently, neither party has a majority in the Senate with 48 Democrat, 50 Republican, and 2 Independent senators. It’s likely that the independents will vote in favor of conviction and many Republicans could also vote against Trump but the current number is uncertain. 



Republican leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, a longtime political ally of President Trump, was taken aback by the Capitol raid and condemned the President’s and the rioters’ actions. Vice President Mike Pence was also noted as being against the claims of election fraud, and reportedly the rioters had built actual gallows to hang him with. 

Whatever the Senate decides they will have to do it soon as time is running out to prevent President Trump from running for office again or to officially acquitted him of these actions.

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