ePAWsode 16

The Sartell Doghouse was created to allow students of Sartell to show their beloved pets to the rest of the school. Since it began as a feature in fall of 2017, 40+ pets have been featured as a part of the Sartell Doghouse.

For the 16th and final edition of the Sartell Doghouse, Wrigley Weno takes the stage. Wrigley is a 10-month-old Golden Doodle, and he is a part of senior Matt Weno’s family.

Matt Weno

Wrigley is a very friendly pup, and he loves to meet new people, playing with other dogs, cuddling his humans.

Wrigley, aka “Wrigs,” loves to cuddle anyone, but he especially loves to snuggle up with his mom and big sister. When Wrigley isn’t in cuddle-mode, he loves to play tug of war with his favorite stuffed rhino. Wrigley is still learning the ropes of the big world that he lives in, and he has almost mastered the art of fetch.

Wrigley became a Weno in September of 2018, after Matt and his sister had spent years begging for a dog. Now that Wrigley is a part of the family, he never fails to put a smile on his family members’ faces when they come home from work or school.

Matt Weno

In the fall, Wrigley will have to adjust to life without his big brother as Matt goes off to college. Before Matt leaves for college he would love to be able to tell Wrigley how much he means to the family and that he will be missed.

I will miss Wrigley a lot next year, however, it will be very fun to see him when I come home to visit.

— Matt Weno

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