Binge or Bust: Special

May 28, 2019

Special is a new Netflix original series that sheds a fresh perspective to individuals living with cerebral palsy. 

Ryan O’Connell stars in and wrote this series following the everyday life of the main character (Ryan), a gay man living with cerebral palsy.  Ryan is an aspiring journalist who finds an internship opportunity at a popular website and takes the job aspiring for what he considers a “normal lifestyle.”

This show has particularly short episodes which could be a blessing or a curse.  If you need a quick show to fill in your schedule this is a good choice, but you won’t feel as proud when you are finished binging.  Though not all of us are in the same situation as Ryan, while watching, this show is easily relatable.  Ryan finds it difficult to come to terms with his true self and identity, which I think is something everyone suffers with from time to time.

I definitely recommend this show if you want a fresh perspective on issues that are not often projected through the media.  It allows you to broaden your mind to other issues outside of the world we are all used to.

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