Kenadee Meyer

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Kenadee and Cameron became friends when they were about seven years old because they had a mutual friend. Kenadee describes their friendship as supportive. The two girls don’t disagree on much, but Kenadee like the s’mores flavored poptarts and Cameron likes the chocolate fudge flavor. One thing Kenadee admires about Cameron is that she is the kindest human, even if she’s having a bad day. Kenadee’s favorite way to spend time with Cameron is hanging out with all of their other friends together.


BFF quiz questions:

What is Cameron’s shoe size?

Answer: 8 sometimes 8 ½

Correct Answer: 8 ½


What is Cameron’s favorite flavor of ice cream?

Answer: birthday cake

Correct Answer: chocolate chip


What is Cameron’s favorite color?

Answer: Blue

Correct Answer: Blue


What is Cameron’s favorite animal?

Answer: Dog

Correct Answer: Dog


What is Cameron’s middle name?

Answer: Paige

Correct Answer: Paige

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