Avery Mumm

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Avery Mumm

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Avery and Taylor may be best friends now but what a lot of people don’t know is that they actually hated each other.  Avery used to chase Taylor around the playground when they first met in second grade. In the beginning of fourth grade, Avery and Taylor sat by each other at lunch and shared a cookie. Avery asked Taylor if she wanted to be friends with her, and they finished their cookie to seal the deal. Avery loves the summer memories she has with Taylor. One thing the two girls have in common is that they both love to listen to music and jam. One thing Avery admires about Taylor is her heart and how she is such a great friend. Avery’s favorite way to spend time with Taylor is having sleepovers.


BFF quiz questions:

What is Taylor’s favorite color?

Avery says: Blue

Correct Answer: Blue


What is Taylor’s favorite food/drink?

Avery says: Food: Mac & Cheese or Chicken Nuggets

Correct Answer: I don’t have a favorite food

Avery says: Drink: Dr. Pepper

Correct Answer: Dr. Pepper


What is something that really pushes Taylor’s buttons?

Avery says: When people rush her. For example, when she is rushed to get ready in the morning.

Correct Answer: Mean people


Between the two of you, who takes the longest to get ready in the morning?

Avery says: Taylor

Correct Answer: Taylor


Does Taylor have any strange phobias?

Avery says: Spiders & Frogs

Correct Answer: Frogs and spiders


What are Taylor’s nicknames given by family and/or friends?

Avery says: Honey, TayJ, Tay Tay, Tay, & T

Correct Answer: Honey, TayJ, Tay Tay, Tay, Turkey, Taylo & T

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