Ben Kiewel, Journalist

Is PSEO the right choice for you?

PSEO is an optional program for students where they attend college level classes with a potential to earn their high school diploma and an associate’s degree at the same time. This can be a great option for anyone who wants to fast track their high school and college education. However, PSEO has its pitfalls too: some colleges may not accept all credits earned through PSEO.

PSEO should be considered by the student who is certain about what they want to do with their future. Pushing the idea that ‘you need to know what you’ll do for the rest of your life’ too soon could force students to make unrealistic and incorrect choices. Although, at the same time, students can get a taste of college classes without spending insane tuition prices. They can experience their potential major and interests at a college level.

There are many success stories about PSEO all over. One of the best advantages with PSEO is the potential to graduate college with a major in just two years. Students then pay less tuition and can start their careers earlier. High schoolers planning on pursuing even higher degrees of education such as a Ph.D. can get an earlier start and spend less time in a classroom.

There are many factors to consider before choosing PSEO. Before enrolling in any PSEO course, students should plan far ahead and consult their high school counselor. High school students should also consult colleges they are interested in enrolling in about credit transfers.

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