TGIFF (Thank Goodness It’s Flannel Friday) pt. 12

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TGIFF (Thank Goodness It’s Flannel Friday) pt. 12

Jaren Martin, Journalist

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This week for Flannel Friday we had a short day of school as we were pummeled by a winter storm. Hopefully, everyone made it home safely and was able to bundle up in blankets by the fire while wearing a cozy flannel.


This week we had a joint interview with four seniors. Emma Zenzen, Riley Sanderson, Kaleb Myhrwold, and Nicole Walters. Kaleb has six flannels, with his favorite being purple, white, and gray. Riley has one flannel, which is the one he is wearing. Nikki has three flannels, her favorite being green yellow and blue. Emma has six flannels, her favorite one is really thick, and it is grayish and red. When wearing their stylish flannels, Kaleb likes to wear his all the way open. Riley is in the same boat as Kaleb, and he thinks it is more stylish that way. Nikki prefers to wear it around her waist. Emma usually likes to button hers up, and she always wears a vest over her flannel. Kaleb’s favorite weather condition to wear flannel in is “any condition, because they are stylin’ and they are so versatile.”

Riley and Nikki like to wear their flannels in the fall months. Emma says, “See, depending on the colors, I have fall flannels and winter flannels. The winter flannels are heavier and maybe darker colors, but the fall is definitely the maroons and the nice warm tones.”

When asked if they have any advice for flannel wearers out there, Kaleb says, “The more flannels the better.” Riley has no advice.

Nikki says, “Always wear flannels.”

Emma answered, “Always wear flannels on Friday, but definitely the best flannels are always in the old men’s section at Savers.”

There you have it folks, these Flannel Friday interviewees have given you some great advice and a stellar example to prepare you for Flannel Friday every week.

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