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What to wear to Winter Wonderland

Make sure to come to the 2024 Winter Formal dance on Friday, January 26th!


Sartell Seniors Bailey Diebel, Kinzie Cusipag, Lizzie Stone, Elizabeth Jarnot, Kylie Weber, and Norah Mentzer got ready together before the dance last year. (Kinzie Cusipag)
Current Sartell seniors, Lizzie Stone, Abby Shaw, Kinzie Cusipag, Kylie Weber, Elizabeth Jarnot, Alicia Skaj, Jacinta Schelonka, and Olivia Spychala pose for a photo at their first winter wonderland dance. (Kinzie Cusipag)

Next Friday, January 26th, Sartell High School will be holding its annual semi-formal Winter Wonderland dance. All high school students are invited to dress up and dance at the Park Event Center from 9:00-11:30 PM.


This dance has been held by our school district for many years and is a time for students to make lasting high school memories. The further you retreat back into the archives of high school fashion, the more differences you’ll find in the formal wear of the students. For example, as the years progress, more girls gravitate towards shorter dresses. Furthermore, some colors will be exceptionally popular one year and become practically obsolete the next.


Like all long-standing traditions, the Winter Wonderland Dance is not exempt from changing with the trends. In the past years, we’ve watched as skater dresses were replaced by corset lining, and the casual footwear turned from Converse to Jordans. Here’s what to expect to define the formal fashion of this year:




To style a strapless dress, wear your hair down, and keep your neck jewelry simple. (Fair use photos from Princess Polly, Lucy in the Sky, Lulus, and Target)




Similar to the resurgence of the tube tops and off-the shoulder trends we’ve seen this summer, strapless dresses are sure to be making a come-back this winter!




To style a long sleeve dress, you can wear your hair however you’d like, and accessorize with a bold necklace. (Fair use photos from Oh Polly, Princess Polly, Lucy in the Sky, and Beginning Boutique)


It’s cold outside. If you’re not one to rock a strapless look, stay warmer this winter formal with sleeves. Whether you are rocking mesh or pearl-embellished sleeves, this classy, timeless look will definitely make you stand out.





Stay on trend this season, and wear a bow on your dress, as well as in your hair!(Fair use photos from Princess Polly and Beginning Boutique)

Lace + Bows 

On pace with the “coquette” fashions we see coming into 2024, it is expected to see this trend make its way onto the dance floor this formal season. If you are wanting to add a feminine touch to your look, lace and bows, on your dress or in your hair, are the perfect way to portray timeless class  (if you even care).



Where & When To Buy:

The majority of girls surveyed bought their winter formal dress online, nearly a quarter of which bought from Windsor. 


In a survey of about 20 people taken by a various group of Sartell high school students, most ended up ordering their formal dresses online. Out of the hundreds of online sites available, students seem most drawn to sites like Princess Polly, Oh Polly, Lucy in the Sky, Hello Molly, Amazon, and Windsor.



When asked when they purchase their dresses, 33% begin and conclude their hunt two months prior to the actual event.


While some people buy their dresses months before, or contrastingly, the week of, the majority of people surveyed make their purchases a comfortable 1-2 months before the actual dance.


I’d never shopped on Oh Polly before this year, but I’d heard good things. I like all the selections they had, and I’m really happy with the quality of my dress.

— Senior, Ashlyn Swanson

Sartell Seniors, Ashlyn Swanson and Megann Jobin wore similar dresses last year, (is this a Barbie Princess and the Pauper moment?) (Ashlyn Swanson)
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