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Baddies on a budget: Part 3

The last couple years, one of the biggest trends amongst teens is using digital cameras to capture the moments worth remembering, preferring the often pixelated film to the crisp definition that a phone camera may give.
Baddies on a budget: Part 3

In recent years, many of the trends regress away from cellphones, and to more “vintage” forms of technology. Younger generations are finding themselves drawn to things like record players, flip phones, and most the most recent craze, digital cameras, which for our baddies on a budget, could potentially be something unaffordable.

If you’re an active member of the Sabre Student Section, you’ve probably seen Sartell junior Lily Warnert, with her red camera in hand. Lily uses a Canon G7, and is passionate about capturing her friends, her team, and the students of Sartell, the way they live and interact with one another, all through taking pictures. Many of these she shares on an Instagram page under the username @beautifulpeopleofmn


Lily’s camera captured a group of Sartell students at the Benton County Fair this summer. (Lily Warnert)
The woman behind the camera finally steps in front of it, with robot baby Dequnch. (Kinzie Cusipag)
Lily’s shares first photo ever on the Canon G7. (Lily Warnert) 

Q: I see you at a lot of football games and other school events with your camera. How does it feel being the “camera girl”? Do you ever feel like it’s a hassle, having to send all of the pictures out to so many different people?

A: I would say, I absolutely love taking pictures of people. Taking pictures is one of my passions, it’s so fun to see everybody get so excited to take their pictures. I will say, it does get to be a lot of work to download each picture and make sure they are sent to everyone individually, but I love it anyway. 

Q: What’s your favorite part about capturing these memories?

A:I just LOVE pictures. Pictures speak SO much, there’s so many good memories, and just something about the camera is that you get so many pictures of people who you wouldn’t normally interact with, or get a picture of. Like so many people who are just acquaintances or school friends, and I think that’s the best part. 

Q: Last question! I know you like to share your photos on your account @beautifulpeopleofmn on Instagram. Can you tell me more about it?

A: I mean, again, just loving to show off all the pictures I take, show off the people, especially pictures I’m not in. I just kind of create this super fun platform for everybody to kind of just come together and be on something that they can all be a part of. 

For some, however, the hassle of bringing around a digital camera, and waiting for the film to develop is far too much effort when nearly everyone carries a smartphone in their back pocket, each with its own functional camera. Additionally, the cost of handheld cameras can also deter potential users. 

Different types of digital cameras look different, and provide a different finish. (fair use photos from Sony, FujiFilm, Canon, and SONY) ( )


Some Popular Digital Camera Brands: 

Kodak: $119

Sony: $130

Fuji: $15 (only 25 pics)

Poloroid: $49

Canon G7 : $749.99




There are  filters that mimic the grain of a digital camera, of course, but very few, if any, are able to accurately replicate the effects of a Polaroid or Kodak that teens are searching for. Recently though, an emerging app seems to have found the solution. 

The logo of the social media app LAPSE looks like this (Fair use photo from LAPSE and the App Store)

I like it because it adds some character to my pictures, and it’s just a fun little app!

— Morgan Gill







LAPSE, the newest social media phenomenon provides a platform for teens to share photos straight from their phone, while simultaneously producing a realistic digital camera feel, even taking a bit of time to “develop” before they’re able to post. 



Photos Captured on Lapse:

Back to Vintage has an impressive sneaker collection. (Kinzie Cusipag)
A beautiful fall drive in a Toyota Camry is captured by LAPSE. (Kinzie Cusipag)
On a rainy college tour, Kaitlynn Cusipag and her mom share an umbrella to stay dry. (Kinzie Cusipag)

Through using LAPSE, not only are you getting a new social media source to share with your friends snapshots of the little moments throughout your day, you could potentially save up to $750. So, let your photo-taking friend know you appreciate them. You can either be a baddie on a budget, using filters or LAPSE to achieve the vintage feel, or if you prefer something handheld, nothings stopping you from being a  cutie with a camera, as those are just as important. The choice is up to you. Either way, you’ll be saving the memories that’ll last forever.

Seniors Ashlyn Swanson and McKinzie Cusipag working hard in journalism. (Kinzie Cusipag)
Kinzie Cusipag likes to spend her fall days with a good book. (Kinzie Cusipag)
A LAPSE photo captures Senior Lydia Schnettler shopping for snacks at the local Target. (Kinzie Cusipag)
At the winter-out football game vs Tech High School, Juniors Brinkley Zabel and Elyse Ritter bundle up to stay warm. (Kinzie Cusipag)
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