Rock Creek Coffeehouse


Kyra Falk

If you are looking for a new place to hangout and drink coffee, head to Rock Creek.

Rock Creek is a family-owned coffeehouse that many people currently don’t know about or have yet to visit. 

Directions to know how to get to rock creek coffeehouse.


Here is a little background about Rock Creek that might encourage you to visit.

Rock Creek is year-round, and they offer just about everything such as coffee, tea, smoothies, Italian sodas, pastries, sandwiches, ice cream, & more!

Rock Creek is located in Sauk Rapids, next to Dominos and across the street from Copper Pony.

Emma Stay is a manager at Rock Creek.  She has been working there for quite a few years, and she loves it.  She really values the background and family feel of the coffee house.  She’s also a great boss and fun to work with. 

Q (Kyra)- How did you get into being a barista? 

A (Emma)- I was a bartender for a while but needed new hours.

Q- What do you like about working here?

A- The freedom to come up with new fun things and the staff.

Q- What about Rock Creek makes you want to stay? 

A- The family feels and the owners are really great.

Q- What did you notice while switching from Caribou to Rock Creek? 

A- Not working for a big corporation gives you more freedom.

Q- What background do you know about Rock Creek? 

A- The owners are from Montana so the place is decorated in that sense and all the names of the specialty drinks are named after important people in the owner’s lives.