Senior Spotlight: Tiffany Do


Sartell senior Tiffany Do posing for her senior pictures in the woods

Seniors Ava Tavale (left) and Tiffany Do (right) at a football game ready to cheer on the team! (Tiffany Do (Used with permission))

The list keeps going with all of these wonderful seniors at Sartell High School! Senior spotlight has shone its bright light onto someone new, that new person being Tiffany Do!

Tiffany plans on rowing the boat down to Minneapolis and will be attending the University of Minnesota Twin Cities this coming fall! Being with her fellow Gophers she will be majoring in entrepreneurial management. 

She isn’t 100% sure on what she wants to do with that major yet. 

One of her favorite memories from being in Sartell High School is all the way back in freshman year when Covid first came and everyone was quarantined. 

Fast forward to now, senior year, and Tiffany says that her senior year is going great and all of her classes have been nice and easy!