Senior Spotlight: Dylan Simones


Dylan Simones (Used with permission)

Dylan Simones is enjoying his senior year but thinks it’s going really fast.

Fresh out of the senior class is Dylan Simones. Simones is the new senior spotlight! 

Dylan Simones on the Right, Donovan Lund on the right enjoying some sun and wakeboard surfing. (Dylan Simones (Used with permission))

As more college decisions are coming out, it’s coming down to the last seconds to decide where you want to go. Simones plans on heading up north to the great town of Duluth to be attending the University of Minnesota – Duluth in the fall of 2023!

Senior Dylan Simmons giving a thumbs-up to the ref to show he’s ready to play! (Andrew Ritter (Used with permission))

With plenty of majors to choose from, Simones is deciding to be a businessman in the near future! He plans on majoring in business but after college isn’t 100% sure what to do with that degree in the future.

As this chapter ends in the seniors’ lives, they are more than ready to head into the next one with a new and fresh mindset.


This year is going great but it is going by really fast. This year has been fun and it is already halfway over.

— Dylan Simones