Recent South African wave results in mass drowning

On Sunday, December 17, 2022, a monster wave hit a crowded South African beach, leaving three citizens dead and 17 more injured. 

Even with a history of having safe beaches, South Africa experienced a freak accident. Around 5pm on Sunday afternoon, there were reports of a detrimental wave crashing on the North Beach in Durban, South Africa.

The EThekwini Municipality said, “The details of the incidents are still sketchy at this point, however, it is believed that a freak wave put many people into distress while swimming and they tragically drowned.”

Paramedics seen in action, working to carry injured citizens from accident (Screenshotted from @CNN).

EMS workers rushed to the scene, where they found three people already deceased. Unfortunately, one of the three killed was a young teenage boy. These individuals were ripped from the beach by currents and drowned.

An additional 17 people were sent to the hospital, all in critical condition. There have been no more reported deaths at this point in time.

Over 35 lifeguards made efforts to save more than 100 people from the wave at the scene, as this particular beach is very popular with tourists during this time of year. 

As a result of the incident, the South African beach is temporarily closed. There is now an ongoing investigation happening in hopes to improve the safety of the beach and surrounding areas. 

More information regarding the incident can be found on CNN or The NY Post.