Remember the Sabres


Ava Tavale

Football article cover of the Sartell boys team warming up for a game against Alexandria.

Sartell football hits back with a win against the Sauk Rapids Storm on October 29th in the semi-finals, leading them up to Moorhead to play the Spuds once again on Friday, November 4th.

Seniors Logan Legatt and Aiden Lang doing a warm up drill with each other before the big game (Ava Tavale)

The Sartell football team have had quite an unexpected season. Starting off their season with a win against Tech, the score being 42-21. Starting off on a good foot. The boys go into their next game hype ready to take down the storm the boys lost and had a 4 game losing streak. 

Until the boys head up to Moorhead and sliced the potatoes. Leaving the potato farm 30-12. Breaking their winning streak and leaving them mashed. 

Head coach Mr. Hentges had some thoughts when asked what surprised him most about the Sauk game.  He replied “Nothing surprises me about this team-they are capable of great things!”

The team has done a great job of focusing on improvements each week. They have continued to perform well each week especially in the playoffs!”

— Coach Hentges

Inspiring words from coach Mr. Hentges. The football team then had to play Alexandria, unfortunately losing the game and leaving the score 6-15. The boys did not let that game affect their performance for their next game against Bemidji. 

Starting off the game senior Kelechi Nwachukwu got the first of many touchdowns from the kickoff! From there the game was looking in Sartell’s favour. Senior Cole Hentges threw a 86- yard touchdown. Hentges threw yet another amazing 63-yard touchdown pass leaving us in a comfortable spot for a win. 

When questioned about his touchdown Nwachuku said, “It felt good, it was good to get the momentum early in the game.”

Unfortunately for the Lumberjacks, they had to come back down and get another lesson from the Sabres. The boys beat Bemidji yet again in the first semi-final game. Senior Jake Davis got the fumble recovery starting the team off the right foot. Hentges came in with a clean 10-yard touchdown pass giving us a good lead. Nwachuku got yet another kickoff return securing the win against the Lumberjacks making the town cross the river into storm territory.

Senior Bennie Parker- Acevedo posing for a quick picture before heading back into warm ups (Ava Tavale)

Taking the Storm head-on and heading to the eye of it. The boys were locked in and hungry for another win. The Storm and Sabres held each other in the first quarter; second quarter the Storm scored their first touchdown. Storm thought they had a lead but 20 seconds before half ,Hentges threw a touch down making us eye to eye with the Storm. The third quarter begins and Sauk scores another touchdown having the lead. With a minute and 40 seconds left of the fourth quarter, the Sabres score a touchdown. The Sabres go for the two-point conversion to get the upper hand, and it’s good.

Sabres win yet another game making the town take the northern trail to Moorhead to play the spuds yet again on Friday, November 4th.