Here’s the Kicker: Unforgettable season for Sartell Girls’ Soccer

[Coach Snyder] taught me to work harder and never settle for less.”

— Freshman, Jenna Jansky

With a 16-game win, one loss, and one tie game, the Sartell girls’ soccer team sure gave others a run for their money this year.

The Sabres kicked off their season with the first game at Park Center, where their final score was 8-2. Senior captain Reese Kloetzer and Senior Chloe Turner had the most goals of the night, both scoring a total of two goals each. Senior Anna Lundeen and Junior Ava Radeke also helped to defend the goal that night. 

Senior Chloe Turner trying to take possession of the ball while facing an opponent. (Aili Swenson)

The girls then traveled to Bemidji to try and defeat the Lumberjacks. With the game ending 2-1 for a Sabre win, the girls headed home with smiles on their faces. Turner had scored the first point in the first half of the game, but the Sabres were then forced into overtime because the Lumberjacks had scored too. Ultimately, Kloetzer was able to pull through and make a final goal in the second overtime to make the score 2-1.

Just a hop, skip, and a jump over the river led the Sabres to their next game at Sauk Rapids Middle School. The girls played for Sophie Wieland on Sophie’s Night and managed to pull through with a 10-0 win. Anna Lundeen and Ava Radeke earned their first shutout of the season this game.

The girls then made their way up to Willmar next. Turner and Senior Reese Gieger scored the points for the game. Turner made two goals and Geiger one during the second half, earning the Sabres a final 3-0 win over the Cardinals.

[Coach Snyder taught me] None of this will matter in 10 years just go out there and have fun.”

— Sophmore, Briahnna Valdez

The next few games were equally as great for the girls. Against Cambridge-Isanti, Sartell won 5-0 with another shutout from goalkeepers Lundeen and Radeke. The next game, against Apollo, earned the Sabres a win of 6-0. The following two games were played at home against Fergus Falls and Rocori. With a win of 10-0 against Fergus Falls and 15-0 against Rocori, the girls were ecstatic. 

Junior Kaia Gack defending the ball away from another team’s player. (Aili Swenson)

Against St. Cloud Tech and Moorhead, Sartell won 4-0. An exciting game at Rogers ended with a final score of 2-1. Turner and Junior Genet Nies scored two points for the game. Lundeen had five saves that night as well.

When up against Brainerd for the second time that season, the girls ended the game 2-0.

Their last regular season game was against Alexandria for the conference championship. They won 1-0 to become the Central Lakes Conference Champions for this season.

At sections, the Sabres experienced a win against Moorhead 3-0. The next game, however, was tougher. They were up against Buffalo who they had previously tied. Though it was a tough game, the girls came through in the end to win it 2-1. 

The final game for Sartell Girls’ Soccer was against St. Micheal-Albertville. The girls played a tough game and truly gave it their all. In the end, however, they lost 0-2 to STMA, ending the season in second place for the section championship.

My favorite memory is being able to share the field with my best friends every day.”

— Senior Captain, Claire Quinn