SHS holds carnival for Homecoming week


Megan Neid

Sartell High School holds annual carnival to celebrate Homecoming week.

Sartell High School held a carnival for all SHS students on Wednesday, September 21 to celebrate Homecoming week. Students had two hours to walk around and win prizes, get free candy, watch the powderpuff game, and have friendly competitions in the bouncy houses.

Sartell High School Junior and Senior girls compete in powderpuff. (Megan Neid)

Powderpuff football games are touch football games between girls from the SHS junior and senior classes. It tends to be the main event of the carnival. Everyone gathers around the main soccer field to watch junior and senior classes compete to win. Their coaches are 4 or 5 football players from their graduating class. 

Everyone gets in and are free to walk the ‘grounds’ that our amazing student council and staff have put together for students. There were many free games to play, inflatables from the National Guard, yard games such as bags, spike-ball, ladder-ball, 4 square and ping pong spike ball, along with face painting and human foosball.

Mr. Twisty’s was a big hit with the line super long the entire time. Students got a chance to dunk some district staff at the dunk tank which seemed to be a big hit: Dr. Ridlehoover, Mr. Simmons, Mr. Scherer, Mr. Saue, Mr. Miller snd Mr. Meyer. There was also be some games with larger prizes at bingo, punch a bunch, balloon darts and the ring toss.

Students gather to watch fellow student’s battle in the jousting ring. (Megan Neid)

The jousting ring seemed to be the biggest hit of the day. Students and staff gathered around the ring to watch students go head to head. They were timed matches so everyone who wanted to battle had their chance.

Everyone seemed to have enjoyed time out of school for the day to hangout with their friends while trying to win some prizes and play games. Students reported that the carnival was a great way to celebrate Homecoming week.