NYC subway rush-hour shooter reigns terror at the station

Frank James, the suspect of the April 12th NYC subway shooting, pulled out a handgun and unloaded 33 rounds onto the crowd of travelers at the station. James wore a gas mask before tossing two smoke grenades, followed by a barrage of gunshots around 8:30 in the morning. James has a history of previous social media posts about racist rants toward both white and black people. He publicly addressed his criticism of the Mayor’s policies on public safety and homeless outreach on subways. The 62-year-old wounded 10 people and injured 13 others. The shooting took place Tuesday morning, and he was arrested as the main suspect in the rush-hour attack on Wednesday. He was previously just “a person of interest” in the case.

Subway shooter tossed smoke bombs and opened fire on crowd (Subway photo from istockphoto, gun photo from dailymail, smoke from photorecoveryservices, edited by Alex Otkin via Photoshop)

A $50,000 bounty was put on James, and the police later discovered he had addresses in Wisconsin and Philadelphia. James rented a U-Haul, and the keys were found at the scene of the shooting, located in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park Neighborhood.

He owned a YouTube Channel called “prophet oftruth88” in which he frequently when on profanity-filled rants about his racist beliefs. The channel was taken down on the day of his arrest. In his videos, he discusses starting a race war and how he had the wish to exterminate specific groups of people. He stated that there is a need for more mass shootings and that the shooters should not be blamed for their actions, but rather for the environment they exist in.

A $50,000 bounty was placed on the suspect by cops (Suspect photo taken from, money photo taken from istockphoto, edited by Alex Otkin via Photoshop)

According to, He stated how he wished to kill people but never wanted to go to jail. He claims to suffer from severe PTSD. He claimed to be disappointed that Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was married to a white man. He often spoke of his argumentative thoughts about the mayor of New York, Eric Adams. He criticized the Mayor’s homeless population outreach and his plans for public safety on trains. James’ social media posts can be dated back to 2016 when he commonly used slurs and stated racist comments. In almost all of his videos, he was speaking his mind while driving his car.

According to, Mayor Adams said “He appears to be all over the place,” and “I just think we need to focus on his apprehension at this time.”

Adams went on to say, “The Police department is going to use those posts and all of the evidence that we’re gathering” and “We also must make sure that he’s prosecuted.”

It’s not about the shooter; it’s about the environment in which he is, he has to exist.”

— Frank James