Humans of Sartell: Juniors

This week on Humans of Sartell, we got to dip into SHS Juniors’ lives.

Emily Anderson
Our first Junior at Sartell High School is Kailey Hueburt.

Kailey Hubert has had some pretty good three years of high school but her second semester has been tough. So far, her favorite class would have to Drawing 1 but what girl doesn’t like coloring or drawing?!?  From going from an underclassmen to a upperclassmen personally for her had no difference, but she knows people who saw a difference.

Everyone has a teacher that is just a great teacher and person overall. Kailey’s favorite teacher is Mrs.Nelson when asked why she is Kailey’s favorite teacher she said,

She’s perfect…. She is always there for you when you need it.”

— Kailey

In Kailey’s eyes, one of her greatest legends would be Thomas Rhett because she loves his music. Thomas Rhett is a country singer which happens to be Kailey’s favorite genre of music as well.


Josh Fulgham was our third Sartell High School Junior and has had a pretty great experience so far in High School. Josh’s favorite classes so far in high school would have to be general construction classes.  In Josh’s eyes, he believes that upper and lower classmen should be treated equal.

Emily Anderson
Josh Fulgham was our third junior that attends Sartell High School.

When it comes to favorite teachers, Mr. Syvertson would have to be Josh’s favorite teacher because they shared humor and both love math. Junior has not taken any college classes. Josh’s three greatest legends that he looks up to is in this order, Abraham Lincoln cause who doesn’t love a good president, Michael Jackson because his music is pretty cool and Tupac because Tupac has accomplished so much already at 25 years old. If you were to look at Josh’s spotify most recent you would see Post Malone’s album Beerbongs and Bentleys.   

Jaden Nguyen is in Student Council and Nordic Skiing to name a few activities she’s involved in. She said about her high school experience, “It’s been fun, I’ve met new people.”


Like most juniors, Jaden is taking a few AP classes and said she does not take many regular classes, “They’re really hard, AP Chem is really hard.” She does have some electives that she’s taken that she’s really enjoyed though, “I like my art classes, mixed media is bomb, it is so underrated.” Jaden liked most of the English classes she took as well, and noted that Mrs. Nelson stood out as a good teacher to her.

Emily Callan
Junior Jaden Nguyen hanging out in her second block class Concert Choir.

Jaden added her thoughts on the difference between upperclassmen and underclassmen, “I think you are more nervous as an underclassmen for sure, I don’t feel like anything is that different though.” Because Jaden is in various activities at the school she knows a couple underclassmen, but does not interact with them a ton.

Junior year is the year that many students start working, so Jaden nannies for a family and she feels that working does not affect her high school experience very much. Jaden likes to watch Netflix when she’s not working, and she had a few recommendations,

“Great News: it’s funny and it’s on Netflix, and it has bad ratings and I don’t know why.””

— Jaden Nguyen

 I like New Girl and Friends…always a classic.” Jaden was not sure who are the top three greatest legends of all time, she wasn’t 100% sure on this one, but Beyonce and Neminich were the top two runner ups.


Looking back on his three years in high school, junior Sam Brandt is incredibly optimistic: “They’ve been busy but very fun, like I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Sam thought about the classes he’s taken, “I’ve enjoyed all the English classes I’ve taken and all the Science classes I’ve taken. And social studies, I really do enjoy all my classes, I’ve learned to appreciate all of them after finishing… maybe not during.”

Junior Sam Brandt leaving lunch in the commons.

Sam is also no stranger to AP and college classes, and he gave some insight to them, “Yeah, you know I really wish they would space out them in the schedules. I wish they would let us take more than one in sophomore and freshman year, because now they’re really laying it on us. I’d say they’re hard but I really appreciate them.” He also said he prefers them to regular classes, “Obviously the workload is more, but I enjoy having a class that I know cares about it and is going to work harder.”

Junior year is the first year people are considered upperclassmen, and Sam commented on the change, “I feel more grown-up in general.” However, he felt like there was not a huge divide between upperclassmen and underclassmen, “I don’t really hang out with any underclassmen but through my activities, I know a lot of them and talk to them.” Sam tries to be kind to underclassmen and hopes they consider him one of the nice upperclassmen.

Sam got a job this year at Old Navy in St. Cloud,

I really like working actually, but having to balance work and school is hard.”

— Sam Brandt

By getting a job, Sam gets a taste for the really world, and he definitely is looking forward to college more because of it. Sam listens to music pretty regularly, and Frank Ocean and SZA are some of his favorite. Sam also mentioned his favorite article of clothing as of recently, “I really like long sleeve shirts, like sweatshirts but stylish ones.” Finally, Sam shared his definite top three greatest legends of all time, “Michelle Obama, Scott Hentges, Jen Traver.”

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