New Halo game will potentially be released later this year

343 Studio’s next new game, Halo Infinite, will possibly be released as soon as fall of 2019 for XBOX ONE and PC.

The next installment of Halo will be released for XBOX ONE and PC only, which differs from previous games excluding Halo 5: Guardians, by having the game available on a computer now.

News from PC GAMER has said that the game could be released as early as this November if 343 Industries stays on a schedule similar to previous games. Unfortunately, it is still only speculation on when exactly the game will be released. It is entirely possible for the game to be in stores as late as 2020.

A comparison between the art style of halo 4(left) and halo 2(right). The images used are from HaloWayPoint.

Not everyone was a fan of Halo 5 and how the game looked. 343 listened to the community and used the information to create a new game that will appeal to a wider spectrum of players. One of the biggest critiques on the last two games was the art style being too different from the original games, so in the new trailer released for the next game, 343 showed off the graphics and art style being more true to the Halo people know and love.

The new Halo game is so ambitious that the head of 343 stated that they needed to create a whole new engine for the game to operate on. This new engine is called the slipspace engine. In 343’s blog on the new engine, they said that they would be taking their time on creating the new game. Link to the article can be found here

Story-wise, the game will be a direct continuation of the last game, which is not the best news for some as many fans did not like how the last game ended. The game setting is on another Halo ring that will potentially have enemies that players haven’t seen since Halo 3 back in 2007.

Avid Halo player, Brendan Lutsch, who is a senior and a SHS former student, shared his thoughts on this video game in the audio clip below.

Noah Gaffy