Twins of Sartell: Hannah and Holly Wolff


Liz Huebsch

Hannah and Holly during their senior pic sesh.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a twin? For the first installation of Twins of Sartell, I interviewed Sartell High School seniors and identical twins, Hannah and Holly Wolff.


Q.What three words would you use to describe your twin?

Hannah: Sensitive, Pretty, Good Friend.

Holly: Bossy, Caring, Happy.

Lisa Benoit
Hannah and Holly’s first day of preschool.


Q.Who takes longer to get ready?

Hannah: Depends, If she wears makeup she definitely takes longer.

Holly: Hannah, she takes 20 minutes to put on mascara.


Q.Who has the messiest room?

Hannah: Holly.

Holly: Definitely me.


Q.If your twin went to jail, what crime would they most likely have committed?


Liz Huebsch
Hannah and Holly took their senior pictures together.

Hannah: She probably tried to murder me.

Holly: She probably murdered me.


Q.What was the last text you sent your sibling?

Hannah: “Leave me alone”

Holly: “ You literally used the same caption as me”


Q.What annoys you the most about your twin?

Hannah: How unorganized and messy she is.

Holly: She always tries to tell me what to do.


Q.Do you generally get along?

Hannah: No but, when we fight we make up right away.

Holly: We fight a lot but when we do get along we are best friends.


Q.What do you admire most about your twin?

Hannah: She always figures out a way to get things done even when she is behind.

Holly: That she does whatever she wants and doesn’t care what other people think about her.


Q.Who is older?

Hannah: I am by a couple of seconds.

Holly: Hannah.