The real villain in “The Last Jedi” (No Spoilers)

No, the real villain isn’t Supreme Leader Snoke or even Kylo Ren.

The biggest threat to the galaxy is those little fluffy creatures that inhabit Luke’s island.

Behind their disproportionate eyes, they hide their true lust for total domination of the galaxy. Trapped in isolation on their island they posed no harm, but now that they have populated the Millennium Falcon there is only so little time until they conquer the Star Wars universe we’ve all come to love.

There’s a possibility that every time the Falcon stops at a planet some Porgs nest there and become an invasive species. Not all displaced species become invasive, but with all the planets the Falcon stops at, there is a high chance they could ruin lots of ecosystems. Porgs could easily decimate the fish population in a foreign environment where Porgs have no predators.

Porgs could end up like Zebra Mussels, invading a local ecosystem and throwing it out of balance. Invasive species threatening Earth include the Cane Toads in Australia. They were brought by farmers to try and get rid of the beetle problem; however, much like Palpatine and the Galactic Senate, the toads betrayed the farmers and became invasive. Similar to Porgs, hedgehogs are a seemingly innocent cute creature, but they also have a dark side. Hedgehogs have become a source of distress in New Zealand where they eat the eggs of endangered birds.

Invasive species are a huge problem here on Earth and most certainly exist in Star Wars. Porgs may be adorable merchandise selling furballs but they could possibly upend the Star Wars galaxy and might just be a bigger threat to peace than the First Order.