Our View

Epipen monopoly

Beth Bierscheid, Nolan Boe, and Tarah Casper

With no other motive other than to make a larger profit, they have more than doubled their prices.The CEO of Epipen has claimed no logical reason for raising prices other than, “Let’s just raise rates”. Epipens were expensive before, but now the prices are unbearable. Parents with multiple children with allergies are feeling the stretch in their wallets as insurance does not cover the entire price. With a lack of competition in this market, there is no repercussions for the company. This infuriates the customers who have no other choice but to pay the price or risk death. There has been a petition made with 48,000 signatures demanding that Congress enforce regulations to cause Epipen to lower their prices. This outrage has forced people to buy off brand such as Adrenaclick or try more unsafe methods like syringes.
Our class discussed the issue at hand. We agree with the public opinion that this price increase is unnecessary and outrageous. We believe that this is a huge issue. It affects so many in life or death situations. People should not have to pay a large price to have something to save them and ensure life. We also discussed that families with more than one allergy in their family have to pay double or possible triple the price.Monopolies such as this are dangerous for the public. We support the petition that has been going around, and agree that to resolve this issue. Epipen needs to stop being money hungry. In matters of human life, companies need to focus more on the well being of their customers rather than how much money they can rake in.

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