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Starbucks releases two new drinks to “spring” into the new season

McKenna Petron
I tried each of the new Starbucks Spring Drinks and reviewed them!

Hello! I am back again with another fun Starbucks drink release for me to review.

This spring, Starbucks is bringing lavender into the equation with two new drinks on the menu! I went ahead and tasted both of them, along with a custom drink that many people have been making!


Lavender Cream Oat Milk Matcha

The Lavender Matcha is a regular Matcha with a lavender Cold foam on top. (McKenna Petron)


Before I continue with this review, I must preface that I do not like matcha at all. Moving on, the lavender cold foam on top was so good. It’s just a touch sweeter with the lavender, but it doesn’t go all the way through the drink because it is just in the cold foam. I definitely think that if you are a fan of matcha you will really enjoy this drink. Even I enjoyed this drink a little bit which says a lot in my opinion.





Lavender Oat Milk latte

The Lavender Oat Milk Latte is made up of Blonde Espresso with Oat Milk and Lavender Powder. (McKenna Petron)


Out of the drinks I tried, this is my personal favorite. The latte isn’t too overbearing with lavender, but that could also be because all of the lavender settled to the bottom… Aside from the settlement, this drink was very good, and I’d be most likely to get this drink again while looking for a spring coffee.





Lavender Lemonade

This drink is simply a lemonade customized with lavender powder. (McKenna Petron)



This isn’t an item on the menu but it is a very popular custom drink. It is simply a lemonade with lavender scoops.I really couldn’t taste much of the lavender. To me this drink just tasted like lemonade but in a cute magenta color. However, a couple other people had tried this drink and felt like the lavender was overpowering and tasted like essential oils.

Senior, Hailey Daniels also tried this drink and I spoke with her to see how she would review this drink.





After reviewing all of the drinks I found out that many people are also putting the lavender into their Strawberry Acai Refreshers and have loved it. I haven’t tried it myself but due to all of my friends’ good reviews I feel safe to say that this is the perfect spring drink from Starbucks.

I feel like Starbucks had a great launch on the spring drinks this year and I cant wait to see what they drop next!

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