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The Bucket List Pt 4

SHS students share their personal bucket list ideas. They might even be able to give you an extra idea on what to do after school.
Parker Peichel
A busy beach day that many of us day dream about but think we can’t have. The Bucket List for the things we dream about.

In this segment I interviewed seniors Carson Thorstenson, Brita Klaverkamp, and junior Andrew “T” Tavale. They all had new and interesting goals/ideas to do for their bucket lists. So without further adieu let’s jump right into it.

Carson said he wants to hit a big jackpot at the casino. He said he would take his winnings and move to Thailand where it’s warm and tropical. His reasoning was because he gets the thrill from winning and still gets to move to his dream destination.

Carson’s dream of winning big at a casino so he can move to Thailand.(Parker Peichel)
Carson poses for his picture after giving us his words of wisdom. (Parker Peichel)










Brita’s bucket list includes her traveling to Paris, so she can see the Eiffel Tower lit up at night. Traveling around the world is something Brita wants to do.

Brita has a dream of visiting the Eiffel tower at night while the tower is lit up.(Parker Peichel)
Brita gives us her words of inspiration while posing nicely for her picture. (Parker Peichel)










The last person I would ask is Andrew “T” Tavale. T said he would like to hit champion in Rainbow Six Siege. R6 is a very popular video game where the objective is search and destroy. T’s reasoning was because it would be a huge accomplishment for him.

Junior Andrew Tavale throws up a peace and love sign while he motivates us with his words. (Parker Peichel)
A collage of some of the evolution of video games as a whole. (Parker Peichel)
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