3 victims found and identified in Chisago county


Photo via flickr under the Creative Commons license.

The police shot the protesters with rubber bullets and used tear gas on them.

A Chisago County, Minnesota, home was found to have three gunshot victims who were reportedly shot and killed.

Three people were found dead in their road home on Sunday morning by the Brunswick Minnesota police: 73 year-old Darell James, 68 years-old Denise Lillian Mattson, and 47 years-old Kirk Patrick Mattson.

Later, a suspect in the case was found dead, though it was reported that he had been killed the day before the attack.  The man was later identified as Kenneth George Koslowski, a 39 year old and a cousin of the victims who was killed by a self-inflicted gunshot wound .

The investigator of the case has stated that the shootings were most likely not an accident but there’s no reason this is a threat to anyone or the public.