New to St. Cloud : Nautical Bowls


Canva created and photos taken by Emily Gerdes

Nautical Bowls is a new eating place in St. Cloud. It is located over by St. Cloud State University.

This past weekend my brother, dad, and I had the opportunity to try a new place in St. Cloud: Nautical Bowls.

Nautical Bowls was created by a couple Bryant and Rachel in May of 2018 when they were only 24 years old. In just four years they had 90+ Nautical Bowl franchise locations, with the dream of 1,000 more. Fortunately, St. Cloud was one of these new locations, with the other closest being in Maple Grove.

While I was at Nautical Bowls I interviewed the staff, tried out a bowl, and got a feel for this new location!

We will start out with the staff interview and what they had to say about Nautical Bowls so far!

An inside look at Nautical Bowls, photo taken by Emily Gerdes.

Q: What is your favorite bowl?

A: Nauti bowl, Blue bay bowl, and Paddle bowl.

Q: What is the most popular bowl?

A: Paddle Bowl

Q: How has it been working here so far?

A: It’s been great, we love working with each other, meeting new people, and learning along the way. Everyone has been so nice.


Next, my brother and I each tried out a bowl and decided to give our ratings on them.

My brother Donovan tried the Sail bowl (pictured above). He really enjoyed it, and said he would get it again. His rating out of 10 was an 8, photo taken by Emily Gerdes.
I got the Surf Bowl, I enjoyed it a lot. I loved the coconut base and the peanut butter. My rating out of 10 is an 8.5, photo taken by Emily Gerdes.

Overall, I think Nautical Bowls was great. The employees were very kind, patient, and dedicated to their job. The place itself was a very clean and a welcoming environment. Most importantly, the bowls were delicious!

I recommend that everyone gives Nautical Bowls a try, and I will definitely be going back!