China claims U.S. flew spy balloons over its airspace


Ben Cihlar

The US shot down a few supposed spy ballons over North America. They think they were owned by China.

February 13th China said that the U.S. had flown over their airspace more than 10 times without permission in 2022, drawing a quick denial from the U.S.

Chinese spy balloon spotted in Montana over U.S. airspace 2023 (Photo Via Wikimedia under the creative commons license)

Rueters reported that China started a dispute with the United States last weekend after the military shot down what was said to be a Chinese spy balloon. The balloon was originally spotted over Billings, Montana on February 1st.  Since then there have been five separate sightings of spy balloons all similar in shape and size. U.S. airspace officials successfully took down these balloons finding little to no information about them.

China recently responded to the U.S. claiming the spy balloons belong to them and are being used for “weather purposes”. The president of China Xi Jinping claimed that the United States flew more than 10 separate balloons into China airspace without permission starting in the beginning of 2022. The U.S. quickly denied these claims and said this is the first time they have even seen a spy balloon.

Xi Jinping still holds these acts against the United states in hopes to break connections with the United States. The U.S. has not claimed responsibility for these actions making this another mystery. These spy balloons are still an issue and no one really knows the true story behind these.