Storm ‘n Sabres have final game in Moorhead


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Sartell and Sauk Rapids have a combined hockey team for the girls

Storm ‘n Sabers girls’ hockey team had a game on Tuesday at 7pm in Moorhead against their girl’s hockey team. 

Storm ‘n Sabers attended Moorhead for their last game of the season last night. How did the night go? 

The girls lost their Moorhead game 8-0. For their overall season, they lost 20 games, tied in one, and won 5. 

It goes by so fast so enjoy it while it lasts.

— Tia Voigt leaves final words as a senior

Senior Anna Lundeen is a captain, and she has a pretty solid pre-game routine: “I go off by myself and just listen to music and try to stay away from my teammates.”

Teammate and also a senior, Peyton Sabart was asked what her pre-game ritual is: “I like to listen to music, tape my stick, and just get ready for the game”