Senior Spotlight: Hunter Rademacher


Hunter Rademacher (used with permission)

This weeks new senior spotlight is Hunter Rademacher. Him posing for his senior pictures

With the first semester of senior year coming to an end, the reality of adulting is starting to settle into senior’s minds. This week’s new senior spotlight will shine on Hunter Rademacher. Hunter will be telling us what has been going through his mind as senior year is quickly coming to an end. 

Hunter with friends at another football game at the Rocori football field. (Hunter Rademacher used with permission)

Hunter hasn’t been the only one thinking about his future college and career. Rademacher says he thinks about his future almost every day.


Speaking of his future in college, Hunter has been fully committed to the University of St. Thomas for a couple of months. 

Roll Toms!”

— Hunter Rademacher






At St. Thomas, Hunter will be furthering his education in business administration-real estate studies.

Rademacher says, “I believe that I want to go into real estate after college.”

He has also considered modeling. Watch out for Hunter in the future, because the spotlight will be back on him.

Hunter with friends at one of the football games at Sauk Rapids. (Hunter Rademacher Used with permission)

Looking back at Hunter’s last year in high school, he says, “This year is going good, but very stressful…I am super excited for this second semester as my schedule will be much easier, I am super sad though that it is all coming to an end soon.” 

As the days get closer and closer to graduation, Hunter is more than prepared for his future and life, leaving Sartell High School in the rearview mirror.