Featured Freshman: Alexis Omann


Kendal Omann

Alexis Omann is a freshman at Sartell High School this year.

Alexis Omann is a freshman at Sartell High School and is one of the featured freshmen this quarter. Instead of being called Alexis she prefers the nickname of Lexi, which most of her friends and family call her. Lexi is the third child of four girls and is 14 years old. 

She grew up playing a lot of sports but over the years started to really enjoy playing soccer and has been playing for around six years. This past school soccer season she played on the 9th grade team and loved every minute of it. Lexi says she has been enjoying high school, loving the freedom, having less classes and the organization of everything is way nicer. Her favorite subject is English because it’s easy and she loves Ms.Box, who is also her favorite teacher. One thing Lexi assumed about coming into high school is that all the upperclassmen were going to be mean, but they actually weren’t. 

Alexis and her friends before they go and attend a football game. (Photo used with permission from Alexis Omann)

Lexi looks forward to all the fun football games and volleyball games, and loves to cheer on the players. She says she was very nervous her first day of high school, but once she got here and was comfortable everything was great! The three words she would use to describe her High School experience would be new, scary and hard.

One thing Lexi does not like about high school is the lunch choices because they could be better. Lastly, her favorite upperclassmen are Kendal Omann and Piper Olsen.