Balenciaga faces criticism on child exploitation


Photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Common License

Balenciaga is in a whole lot of hot water for their latest photo shoot theme.

French luxury fashion brand Balenciaga is receiving significant backlash after posting photos of the Spring/Summer 2023 clothing collection. The images consisted of two younger children posing with a teddy bear wearing bondage gear. These harsh images have been plastered with comments about abuse and child exploitation. 

Balenciaga is promoting sexualization and abuse of children by making kids hold BDSM bondage teddy bears. I don’t believe in cancel culture but when you use children to try and spread a sick message your brand deserves to be canceled. ”

— OilLondonTv

According to OilLondonTv, Balenciaga is favoring pornographic behavior. The brand also included more images that attempt to feature a new bag from the collection, but the focus went to something else in the picture. Behind the bag were documented papers of the court case Ashcroft v Free Speech Coalition. 

The Ashcroft v Free Speech Coalition court case states the decision that the Child Pornography Prevention Act of 1996 was vague and broad and violated the protection of free speech. The Supreme Court removed portions of the federal Child Pornography Prevention Act in 1996 that banned “virtual child pornography,” which the justices stated was not obscene nor actual child pornography as defined by the decisions. 

The ambassadors of Balenciaga have been quiet except Kim Kardashian who has stated she is “re-evaluating” the relationship with the brand.