Should tattoos have meaning?


Ava Tavale

Some people get tattoos because it has a personal meaning to it, and some people get them just for fun!

Throughout the Sartell community, there are plenty of people with tattoos. Do these tattoos have a special meaning behind them, and what are the Sartell community’s thoughts on them?  

The question that seems to be the main concern for tattoo artists and people receiving the tattoo is whether or not the tattoo has meaning. Everyone wants to know what’s behind the ink that one decides to get. Sometimes, people just get it for fun or because it looks cool. Others would disagree, and say tattoos should have specific meaning.

According to an Allure article written by David Oramas, when asked questions about his tattoos and the meaning behind them, he felt the need to have a sentimental story. He felt that it was wrong to have a tattoo just for fun.

In the Sartell community, there are plenty of kids who have some ink of their own. Let’s check what the students and staff have to say about their tattoos and if they should have meaning.

Senior Aili Swenson responded, “I don’t think all tattoos necessarily need to have a meaning because some people don’t have meanings to their tattoos, but some people do so, it just depends on the person.”

Interesting point of view, Swenson. A lot of people would have to agree with that. 

There’s a good mix. You need some that have a meaning and some that are for fun.”

— Lexi Noble

Parker Knutson is another SHS student who has a tattoo. 

Knutson responds, “Yes, because most people just want one for show, but personally, I think you need to know what you want. So I think it resembles a lot of character and also what you are passionate about.”

Sartell staff members had varying thoughts on if tattoos should have meaning or not as well. 

Mrs. Gosch, who works in the office, has a sick arm sleeve (which she plans on finishing soon!)

Gosch said, “I think it is up to whoever has the tattoo.” 

Yeah, I think is, but also at the same time I think it’s cool to have fun stuff.”

— Mr. Schulte

Fascinating responses from Sartells’ staff and students. The question will remain a mystery.

Until then, get the tattoo, get the piercing, and wear it with pride!