Anonymous Humans of Sartell


This is the cover image for the Anonymous Humans of Sartell articles.

We went around and asked a bunch of people some of the most random yet personal questions we could come up with and these are the best answers we documented


An anonymous Sartell senior holds his hand up for a picture. (Logan Legatt)



“The Powder Puff girls are bad. 





“Yeah, I was once Superman and Batman at the same time.”

An anonymous Sartell student poses for a picture during first block. (Logan Legatt)





“I had a student barricade my door and start teaching my lesson.” 


A Sartell student sits outside of class while working on their homework. (Logan Legatt)










“That one fish from Shark Tales.” 



An anonymous Sartell student types on his computer outside of his class. (Logan Legatt)





 “I go to the vinyl store.”