Housing the homeless in Hennepin County


photo via Hennepin West Mesonet under the creative commons license; canva design by Nathan Hennen

Hennepin county is a lead county in housing the homeless in the state of Minnesota.

Hennepin county has housed hundreds of homeless citizens in the past two years with the assistance of federal pandemic aid packages.

During the pandemic, congress passed federal pandemic aid packages. The federal pandemic aid package for Minnesota was a part of a 70 billion dollar investment made by congress to help states that were facing different crises.

According to CNN Minneapolis, with this money, Hennepin county has been able to move at lightning speed to assist the homeless. Since 2020, Hennepin county has created three new homeless shelters, upgraded several other shelters, purchased five properties that are being developed into affordable housing, and is helping finance 16 other projects owned by private developers.