Siblings of Sartell: The Mrozeks


Photo used with permission from Breah Mrozek

The Mrozek family contains 8 people: the Mrozek parents, senior Kaylei, and freshmen: Jackson, Matthew, Nathan, Breah, and Lainey.

Can you imagine living with quintuplets? That has been Kaylei Mrozek’s life since she was two years old. Kaylei’s “normal” has been chaotic, disorganized, unique, and complete since the Mrozek quintuplets have been born. 

The Mrozek siblings are all at the high school this year and are definitely worth taking the time to get to know!

Q: Favorite Childhood Memory?

The Mrozek Family makes sure to set aside time to do things as a family; this particular activity was hunting. (Photo used with permission from Lainey Mrozek)

Breah: “Our cousins when they babysat us.”

Lainey: “Going in our backyard at our old house, when our dad got his deer, and just walking in the woods.”

Jackson: “When we had our cabin.”

Matthew: “When I got my first buck.”

Nathan: “Living at our old house and goofing around upstairs in the playroom.”

Q: Cleanest?

Breah: “Me.”

Lainey: “Breah, definitely.”

Jackson: “Breah.”

Matthew: “Breah.”

Nathan: “Breah.”

Q: Messiest?

Breah: “Matthew.”

Lainey: “Matthew, that’s like kinda a tie between the boys.”

Jackson: “Matthew.”

Matthew: “Nathan.”

Nathan: “Matthew.”

The Mrozek Siblings spend time together on the end of their dock fishing (Photo used with permission from Lainey Mrozek)

Q: Who is your parent’s favorite?

Breah: “Lainey.”

Lainey: “They say it’s me, but I don’t really know.”

Jackson: “They don’t have one.”

Matthew: “Kaylei.”

Nathan: “Depends.”

Q: How are you different from your siblings?

Breah: “I’m not an introvert.”

Lainey: “I’m shyer, and not as outgoing as the rest.”

Jackson: “We each have our own personalities and act our own way.”

Matthew: “I’m the oddball.”

Nathan: “I’m more athletic.”

Q: How are you similar to them?

The Mrozek Quintuplets were born on October 18th around 7:55 am. (Photo used with permission from Lainey Mrozek)

Breah: “We all kinda, like, stay together.”

Lainey: “Jackson and I have most of the same traits, but the others I’m not that similar to.”

Jackson: “We all respond the same way.”

Matthew: “I don’t know.”

Nathan: “I’m similar to Lainey because we are both pretty smart and I’m similar to the others because we all do our own thing.”

Q: Favorite thing about your siblings?

Breah: “They’re always there with me, so I’m not alone in anything.”

Lainey: “Being able to do stuff with each other.”

Jackson: “When they are nice to me.”

Matthew: “When we hunt together.”

Nathan: “When they help me with homework sometimes.”

Q: What is your favorite thing you do with your siblings?

Breah: “Probably hanging out with a bunch of friends.”

Lainey: “Probably biking or hunting.”

Jackson: “Hanging out with them.”

Matthew: “Hunting with me.”

Nathan: “Go to sports or play sports.”

When the Mrozek Quintuplets were first learning how to crawl, Kaylei would roll a ball around the room; they would all chase the ball and roll it back and forth. (Photo used with permission from Lainey Mrozek)

Q: What annoys you the most about each other?

Breah: “That we fight and then nobody can agree on something.”

Lainey: “When they purposely annoy you or antagonize you.” 

Jackson: “When they get on my nerves.”

Matthew: “Being around them all the time.”

Nathan: “When they annoy me, but I can’t do anything about it.”

Q: Are you closer to your siblings now or when you were younger?

Breah: “Now.”

Lainey: “Probably when we were younger.”

Jackson: “When we were younger.”

Matthew: “Now.”

Nathan: “Probably now.”