Apple surprises people with new Dynamic Island

Why was the Dynamic Island so viral throughout people and the social media.


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The new Apple iphone software was released on September 7, 2022.

On September 7th, Apple held an event displaying their “Far Out” theme. A lot of amazing news came with this event, but the thing that people were most surprised about was the Dynamic Island in the new iPhone 14 and its special features.

Before starting about the technology of the Dynamic Island, there is some background as to why Apple made this software. This year, Apple has made a big change in the iPhone screen design. This includes a change in the camera design on the front screen, which previously hadn’t been changed since 2018. So, Apple decided to make a new software program called Dynamic Island for the new front design. 

iPhone 14 with the new front screen design. (Ray Kim)

Dynamic Island has been a big issue; nobody expected it. Usually, before a new iPhone comes out, there is a leak or rumors about the software and design. However, this year, nobody thought that Apple would make anything close to the Dynamic Island.

This updated program is also very creative. Apple’s new front design can feel almost useless, because the actual space that the new camera design takes from the screen is almost the same, but the Dynamic Island has proved to be very useful and beautiful in the new iPhone 14.