Siblings of Sartell: The Quinn Sisters


Photo used with persmission from Madden Quinn.

Senior Claire, Junior Madden, and Freshman Riley playing sports with each other.

The Quinn Sisters have always been close, whether it’s playing soccer, dancing, or having each other’s back. Throughout their lives, they have been growing closer and closer, especially as they link arms on the Sartell Dance Team and pass the soccer ball down the field.

Q: What is your favorite thing that your siblings do?

Claire: “Riley can make my day better and Madden always has my back”

Madden: “Cheer me up”

Riley: “Help me clean my room”

Q: What do you fight about most?

Claire: “Probably clothes and if someone steals them”

Madden: “Clothes or food”

Riley: “Clothes”

Q: How often do you fight?

Claire: “Probably 3 times a week”

Madden: “Depends on the week, probs once or twice a week”

Riley: “Once a day”

Q: Favorite thing to do with each other?

Claire: “Doing sports with each other”

Madden: “Activities outside or sports”

Riley: “Go to the cabin”

Q: What annoys you the most about each other?

Claire: “Madden’s temper and Riley’s immatureness”

Madden: “When Claire’s late and Riley’s immatureness”

Riley: “The way they talk to me”

Q: Most athletic sibling?

Claire: “Madden is for soccer and me with dance”

Madden: “Me”

Riley: “Madden”

Q: Cleanest?

Claire: “Madden is the most organized”

Madden: “Me”

Riley: “Me”

Q: Messiest?

Claire: “Probably me”

Madden: “Claire”

Riley: “Claire”