Tennis coach goes to jail; star player tries to get him freed


Brady Husmann

Boris Becker, old tennis star and a tennis coach going to jail for a violation

Last week, a pro tennis coach, Boris Becker, got sentenced to a two and a half year sentence in jail after he declared bankruptcy but transferred a lot of money to other separate accounts. Also, he lied about his assets so he wouldn’t have to give up much. 

Boris Becker, 53, was a pro tennis coach and tennis player by won six grand slam championships. This wasn’t his first time convicted of a crime because he was convicted of tax evasion in 2002 in Germany. He didn’t do any jail time but served a 2-year suspension. Earlier this week, he committed a crime against the Insolverty Act. The act is where you transfer money onto an account after you already declared bankruptcy. 

After he committed the crime, one of his players is trying to get him out of jail. That player’s name is Novak Djokovic. Djokovic is currently the number one ranked tennis player in the world right now. He is preparing for a tennis tournament currently, so he might not be able to get him out right away. As it currently stands, he has to wait six months before he can be released, but if more information gets out if he did more stuff he could serve a maximum of seven years in prison.

You know its sad seeing a tennis great fall from greatness but that’s the world these days.”

— Wesley Johnson, Sartell Student, on the Boris Becker situation