Guayaki! Come to life!


Nolan Boe

Guayaki brand kombucha not only tastes great, but it can keep you healthy!

With winter closely looming, SHS students need an arsenal of ways to keep themselves healthy.  One of those ways is cheap and easy to accomplish.  It keeps your tummy feeling happy.  It gives your body antioxidants to fight off toxins.  It’s delicious and keeps you hydrated!  What is it?!? Kombucha!

What is kombucha? It’s basically a fermented mixture of tea, bacteria, yeast, and sugar.

I spoke with some of the members of Mrs. Schomer’s first block class about their knowledge of kombucha, and they had mixed opinions. Some knew what it was, and others had never even heard of it.

Kombucha adds probiotics and antioxidants to your body. It can promote liver and kidney functions and can reduce diabetic complications.  You can buy it in the store. Almost every supermarket will have some kind of kombucha or another. Also, many restaurants are beginning to offer it on their tap like Simpls. Simpls has three locations in Minneapolis.  One of which is located just off the University of Minnesota’s campus.


‘Come to life’! That is the slogan for the yerba mate company Guayaki. Alex Bryor and David Karr founded the company in 1996. Yerba mate is naturally caffeinated and has leaves from the South American Rainforest. The company Guayaki is on a mission to rebuild the rainforests in South America.

Drinking Guayaki has many benefits. It is very high in nutrients and antioxidants. It also can boost mental focus and even boost energy. With only 85 milligrams of caffeine, the product has less than a cup of coffee but more than a cup of tea.

It can also help to boost your immune system. It provides small amounts of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Zinc. It also enhances mood, energy, and alertness along with increasing motivation and production.

Their vision has given hope to many people around the world. They value their business morals that include zero waste when making their product, regenerating rainforests, and using zero emissions when delivering the product.

They come in flavors of Enlighten Mint, Bluephoria, Lemon Elation, Revel Berry, and Orange Exuberance.


GT’s enlightened organic raw kombucha

GT has always had a customer-first approach. It became GT’s mission from the beginning to bring kombucha to everyone, everywhere. They started off as a small company in Southern California and were the first company to bring Kombucha to stores in the US. They have been the number one selling kombucha brand in the country over the last twenty years.

GT remains the largest kombucha company in the country, and they also offer a wide range of products including tea, raw kombucha, sparkling water, yogurt, and even probiotic drinks.

They thrive in the overall satisfaction of each customer. Every product that you buy from GT has words of enlightenment on the product. Acting almost as a fortune cookie, but instead of a fortune, it is motivation for you. These motivational quotes are all written by fans on their website.