Siblings of Sartell : Cullen and Emma Schreiber

Siblings, the only enemy you can’t live without.


Mary Schreiber

Cullen and Emma are siblings that attend Sartell High School

At SHS, there are a lot of sibling duos and this week Cullen and Emma Schreiber will be highlighted. Cullen is a senior and Emma is a sophomore this year. 


Q: What annoys you the most about your sibling? 

Emma: “Says everything on his mind, even when he probably shouldn’t say it.” 

Cullen: “She really just doesn’t like to take constructive criticism.” 


Q: What’s your favorite thing to do together? 

Emma: “Umm I like getting food with him.” 

Cullen: “I just like hanging out with you and watching memes.”


Q: Who’s the favorite? 

Emma: “ I don’t think they have a favorite.”

Cullen: “Emma.”

(Interesting perspectives, huh?) 


Q: If you guys fight, what’s it about?

Emma: “Random things.”

Cullen: “ Her trying to throw a pair of socks that are neither of ours back into my room, after I’ve thrown them into her room at least five times.”


Q: Where is each other’s favorite places to eat? 

Emma: “ Hajime.. I think.” 

Cullen: “ Umm Howies.. Umm like Chick-Fil-A, unfortunately and irritatingly.”


Q: What do you like most about each other?

Emma: “He helps me pick out my outfits a lot.”

Cullen: “Really love it when you throw me down the stairs and over the balcony. Umm you can be funny, key word: can be. You’re really nice sometimes.” 

Emma’s my favorite sibling. ”

— Cullen

Q: What is each other’s favorite TV shows? 

Emma: “ Umm the E.. Ethiopia. Oh Euphoria.”

Cullen: “Umm since you’re white and you’re blonde and you’re female, Friends. Friends is actually such a bad show”