International spotlight on treatment of muslims in China

Detention centers in the Xinjiang province in China are being brought to the spotlight for their abuse, torture methods, and lies about the conditions in which large communities of Muslims are being held without any real convictions.

A former employee of the detention camps, Sayragul Sauytbay, has come forward with her account of the conditions in the camps. She told CNN, “ I knew that all people there were not guilty of anything… could do nothing to help them avoid suffering. That’s why I decided that one day I would publicize what’s happening there.”

These camps have opened up in recent years, where the Muslim ethnic minority in China have been being sent in large numbers, with totals reaching a possible 2 million according to the US State Department.

The camps use a method called sinicization, which is the act of one culture becoming influenced by Han China culture. Chinese state media has claimed that the camps are necessary to stop global terrorism saying in one state-backed news media, Global Times, that “whining” from international officers were groundless and unproductive.