Siblings of Sartell: Brock & Emily Sorensen


Katrina Schiller

Brock and Emily in the hallway together at school

For this edition of Siblings of Sartell, I got the chance to speak with seniors Brock and Emily Sorensen.

Q. Who is older?

Brock: “Emily.”

Emily: “Me.”

Q. What is something you like to do together?

Brock: “Go to Caribou.”

Emily: “Go shopping.”

Q. Do you have any nicknames for each other?

Brock: “I call her ‘girly’.”

Emily: “Not really.”

Q. What was the last text you sent to your sibling?

Brock: “I said ‘Can’t, too tired’.”

Emily: “Please.”

Q. What is the best memory you have with your sibling?

Brock: “When we were younger, we would put on our pajama pants and stick both legs in one leg and hop around the house.”

Emily: “Going to New York City.”

Q. What do you admire about your sibling?

Brock: “She is very outgoing.”

Emily: “He is hard working.”

Q. What is something you have in common?

Brock: “We both find the same things funny.”

Emily: “We have the same sense of humor.”

Q. Complete the sentence: “My sibling is…”

Brock: “Not good with money.”

Emily: “Hilarious.”