Siblings of Sartell: Austin and Amber Pietrowski

SHS has many sets of siblings with unique relationships that help to shape their families and make their high school experience interesting.

Siblings of Sartell: Austin and Amber Pietrowski

Autumn Fosteson

You hate them. You love them. You are forced to be around them. They live under the same roof as you and eat the same food as you. I think you know whom I am talking about. Siblings.

Our siblings are the ones we’ve known since we can remember. They are both our best friends and our worst enemies. Competing for attention from parents and the front seat is not uncommon. Everyone with a sibling (or two or three) more than likely knows how to scratch, kick, bite, name call, be passive aggressive, and throw shade like no other.

For this installation of Siblings of Sartell, I spoke with Austin (grade 12) and Amber Pietrowski (grade  9) about how they feel about being one another’s sibling.

M: Do you and your brother/sister generally get along?

Austin: Most of the time I guess. Sometimes we fight a little bit, but for the most part we get along.

Amber: Not really. I mean we have our fights, but I guess we’re not always going at it.

(Love each other.)

She’s not mean like me.”

— Austin

M: What are some things you like to do together?

Austin: We both like hunting, so that’s the biggest thing.

Amber: We both like shooting up at my grandparents’ farm. We both enjoy hunting and being outside.

(I wish my siblings would do cool stuff with me.)

M: What do you usually fight about?
Austin: We usually fight when she breaks my stuff. She loves to break my stuff, like physics projects.

Amber: Touching each other’s stuff, or going into each other’s room. We both hate that, but it keeps happening, so we fight about that.

( I can just picture a fight breaking out over a broken bridge project.)

M: If you could change one thing about your sibling what would it be?

Austin: Her not breaking my physics projects.

Amber: I don’t think there’s really anything that I could change. Everything’s pretty good. I don’t think I would change anything.

(Awe, Amber that is so sweet.)

M: How do you solve conflicts between each other?
Austin: Usually I end up having to be the bigger person and just cave, so that she quits whining.

Amber: Usually my mom yells at us to just like figure it out, and then that’s pretty much it.

(Well, someone is lying.)

M: If you could trade siblings with some one else, who would you want to be your new sibling?
Austin: Totally [trade with] Kaleb [Myhrwold]. I would take Meleah [Myhrwold] as a sister any day.

Amber: I would probably take Jack Hackenmueller, and give Austin to their family.

(Glad to see everyone has their second choices lined up.)

M: Would you turn your sibling in to the cops if they did something illegal?
Austin: No, I’m not about turning people in.

Amber: Yes.

( Amber = Ruthless)

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-8-17-04-pmM: If they did go to jail would you break them out of jail… or at least try?

Austin: That depends on what she went in for. If she went in for something stupid, then probably, but if she was drinking and driving I would let her sit there and think about it.

Amber: Um… just as long as it didn’t cost me too much money.

(Amber = Ruthless again)

M: What is your favorite quality that your sibling has?

Austin: She is very nice and kind. She’s not mean like me.

Amber: He’s really overprotective, and I really like that.