Siblings of Sartell: Faith and JP Schlecht

SHS has many sets of siblings with unique relationships that help to shape their families and make their high school experience interesting.

Marena Kouba, Journalist

You hate them. You love them. You are forced to be around them. They live under the same roof as you and eat the same food as you. I think you know whom I am talking about. Siblings.

Our siblings are the ones we’ve known since we can remember. They are both our best friends and our worst enemies. Competing for attention from parents and the front seat is not uncommon. Everyone with a sibling (or two or three) more than likely knows how to scratch, kick, bite, name call, be passive aggressive, and throw shade like no other.

For this installation of Siblings of Sartell, I spoke with Faith (grade 12) and JP Schlecht (grade 12) about how they feel about being one another’s sibling.

M: Do you and your brother/sister generally get along?

Faith: Yeah, we get along really well.

JP: Yeah.

(That’s a plus!)

M: What are some things you like to do together?

Faith: To be honest he is usually downstairs, and I’m usually upstairs a lot, so we don’t do a ton of things. Like we hangout with some of the same friend groups, and we like to listen to music. Sometimes I will go down there and play video games and just sit around, and talk, and laugh.

JP: Drive places, like Coborns. We watch shows together.

(I wish my siblings wanted to do stuff with me…)

M: What do you usually fight about?

Faith: Since we’re in the same grade it’s kind of hard, so sometimes we fight over like friend things because we kinda have the same friend groups, so it’s kinda hard sometimes. We fight about that stuff or like just dumb little things, but it’s not like ever big problems.

JP: The stupidest things. If someone will tell her this happened and it involved me, we argue about it.


M: Do you have any other siblings?

Faith: Yeah! We have Avalon, she’s 20, and  Eli is 13.

JP: Yeah.

(No way, me too!)

M: Which one do you like the most?

Faith: I love all my siblings, but I get along the most with Eli my little sibling.

JP: I don’t know I like them all. I have a bunch though. I have some in Haiti, some in Washington, and some here, so I don’t know. All of them are awesome.

(I have a favorite too, but my siblings will never know)

Sorry I believe you.”

M: If you could change one thing about your sibling what would it be?

Faith: I can’t even think… That is such a hard question… I don’t think I would change anything. That sounds so cliche, but I don’t think I would really change anything about him. I don’t know.

JP: Um… I don’t know. I’ve never thought about it. She’s not perfect, I mean nobody is.

(That’s so sweet… I would change a couple things about my siblings.)

M: How do you solve conflicts between each other?

Faith: We usually just work it out. We just text. Like the other day we got into a little fight during school, and we just texted about it, and we figured it out.

JP: Just saying ‘Sorry, I believe you’.

(I wonder what making up with a sibling is like #weholdgrudges)

M: If you could trade siblings with someone else, who would you want to be your new sibling?

Faith: Oh my gosh… I would kind of want to be a Dobis sister. I don’t know. That’s just a thought of mine. I love both Brooklynn and Madison.

JP: This is crazy. [To Grant Hamilton] Hey Grant wanna be my sibling? Grant: No. JP: I guess not Grant. But um, I don’t know. Do you get a lot of ‘I don’t know answers’?

(Ouch lol)

M: Would you turn your sibling into the cops if they did something illegal?

Faith: No. I don’t think so. No.

JP: Depends how illegal it is.

(It’s always good to know your siblings will be there for you… mine would turn me in.)

M: If they did go to jail would you break them out of jail… or at least try?

Faith: I would do my best to get him out of there, but I wouldn’t do anything illegal.

JP: Probably not. Like if it was a group like breaking her out of prison then no, but if I could pay, then yeah I would try.

(At least you guys are trying!)

M: What is your favorite quality that your sibling has?

Faith: He is super supportive, and whenever I’m having a really bad day he always knows how to cheer me up, or he’ll send me nice little texts and stuff. He’s just super supportive and nice.

JP: She’s kind and caring.

(Quality siblings)