TGIFF (Thank Goodness It’s Flannel Friday) pt. 10

Thank Goodness It’s Flannel Friday pt. 10 saw some colder weather, which is a good opportunity to get wrapped up warm and cozy in some flannel.

img_1673Starting off our week is senior, Cami Doman. Cami has two flannels, her favorite being her black and white one because it goes with everything. If Cami could ask her flannel one question and have it reply she would ask, “Are you glad that I bought you? Were you lonely hanging in the racks at Forever 21?” and it would reply, “Thank you for saving me; I am happy to keep you warm.” Her advice to flannel wearers out there would be, “Dress it up, dress it down, flannels are the best articles of clothing in town.” Agreed, Cami.

img_1674Up next, senior Nolan Boe. His favorite conditions to wear flannel in is definitely fall. When it is very mediocre weather, it is sunny, breezy, 55º weather, and all around Minnesota weather. If he had five adjectives to describe his flannel, they would be classic, comfortable, different, cozy, and stellar. His advice to flannel wearers out there, “Always hit up the thrift shops. There are lots of different cheap flannels out there in different colors. Always get a good variety of flannels.” Nolan has eight or nine flannels, his favorite being his red one. It’s always a good one. Lookin’ good, Nolan.

img_1671Finally, we have Tristen Nies. Tristen has five flannels, his favorite being his white and grey one. When Tristen is wearing a flannel, some really good emotions go through him. Probably the best, because they are always super comfortable. If he could ask his flannel one question and have it reply, he would ask, “Do you prefer to be buttoned up or unbuttoned?” To which his flannel would reply, “Unbuttoned.” Tristen’s advice for amateur flannel wearers out there would be, “Don’t go with the fake flannel. You need a good shirt under it, and try and choose a comfy one.” Take that to heart folks, Tristen knows what he is taking about.

That’ll do it for pt. 10 of Thank Goodness It’s Flannel Friday. It’s only a matter of time before the cold really sets in and the snow flakes start falling, so crack out your favorite flannel every Friday!

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