TGIFF (Thank Goodness It’s Flannel Friday) pt. 9

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TGIFF (Thank Goodness It’s Flannel Friday) pt. 9

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Week 9 of TGIFF saw a few great flannel advocates that deserve their spot, let’s check them out.


You may know this first interviewee from his band Guytano. Senior, Grant Hamilton, kicks off Week 9 of TGIFF. Grant has about three or four solid flannels. His favorite flannel really depends on the day, but he feels as though his Woolrich one is industrial, modern, and he really likes it a lot. When asked if he had five adjectives to describe his flannel, Grant pondered for a bit and then replied, “Ballin’, swagged-out, beast, underrated, and awesome.” We here at TheLesabre agree with you, Grant, and we can’t wait to hear your band play at the Homecoming Tailgate on Friday, October 7th, 2016.


Up next, we have our Editor-in-Chief here at TheLesabre, senior, Holly Greer. Holly’s favorite weather condition to wear flannel in is rain because rain is cold, and flannels are comfy. When asked how ambitious her flannel was on a scale of 1-10, Holly eagerly replied, “9.325.” We asked Holly, “In a race of flannel amazingness, who’s flannel would win? Yours or someone like Angelina Jolie’s?” Holly paused for a moment as she was briefly choking on something, and then quickly replied, “Mine, duh.” Holly said that she loves flannel enough to wear a flannel jumpsuit every day of the week. We here at TheLesabre can see your love and dedication towards flannel, Holly, and we appreciate you for it.


To end TGIFF Week 9, we have junior, Laura Carlson. When Laura is wearing her flannel, she feels, “Cozy like she is about to go to the cabin, and everything is just warm, and it’s fall, and awesome-sauce.” Her favorite flannel is the one featured here because it is a dress and a flannel at the same time. We asked Laura, “If you could ask your flannel any question, and have it reply, what would you ask, and what would it reply?” Laura pondered for a long moment. She then said, “I don’t know…I don’t know…this is why you write things down and don’t do actual audio things anymore. I DON’T KNOW. What did other people do? Do you like the national days everyday? Then they would reply, yes.” After thinking for one more minute, Laura said, ‘OH WAIT, I GOT IT. How do you feel when you get a stain on you? And my flannel would respond with ‘Betrayed.'” Well Laura, we hope that your flannels stay stain-free and that you keep representing Flannel Friday.


That brings TGIFF Week 9 to a close. Thanks to everyone who participated, and we hope you have a fantastic Homecoming Week!

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