The LeSabre

Liam Zaczkowski
Grade: Senior

Go-to Article of Clothing: Turtlenecks and blue jeans, baby

Living Room Decoration Must Have: Ceramic cats are an absolute must in this house.

Life Soundtrack: "When You Sleep" by My Bloody Valentine is essentially me in song format.

Biggest Pet Peeve: The bourgeoisie

Cartoon Counterpart: Most likely Courage the Cowardly dog. Every single thing that little mutt does is incredibly relatable for me, and I love him very much for it.

Things I Do For Fun: I am an obsessive music listener in my free time, and I would say it is my biggest hobby! It is incredibly fun for me to discover new sounds and artists.

I'm Most Passionate About: Music, and everything about it! I am incredibly passionate about what music I listen to, musical discovery, and the way that we consume music! I am very passionate about vinyl, and it being the best way to listen to music as well.

Liam Zaczkowski, Journalist

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Liam Zaczkowski