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Meet Lauren Lindmeier! She is a 17 year old senior here at Sartell High School. Lauren spends most of her time at school and is usually running late (high chance she sprints by you in the hallway). Lauren loves being involved in various clubs, activities, and sports, which include student council, National Honor Society, knowledge bowl, swimming, golf, yoga club, prom committee, youth group leader, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and StAT club. Lauren loves so many things that it poses an issue when asked to choose favorites. For example, when asked what her favorite color is, she replies with all the colors. In her free time, Lauren spends time with her family and friends. She loves shopping, hiking, painting, reading, pottery, photography, and volunteering. Her zodiac sign is a Taurus, but she does not always feel like a Taurus. Lauren's go-to fun fact is that she owns 74 dresses and is always on the lookout for some more. Lauren really loves school and looks forward to coming each day, and yes she knows that is weird of her.


Lauren Lindmeier , Journalist

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Lauren Lindmeier