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68% of adults aged 18-34 report to listen to music everyday according to Statista.

Predicted albums for 2021

Mary Eichler, Journalist
January 21, 2021
These soldiers await a perilous conflict with the German army.

The Liberator: Review

Ian Otteson, Writer
January 21, 2021
What better idea during quarantine then to have fun with a family bake off... but be prepared for the unexpected!

In the kitchen: Musatov bake off

Sydney Musatov, Journalist
January 20, 2021
A 25

Ice fishing for walleyes in MN

Callan Miller, Journalist
January 20, 2021
Both Ori games are Xbox Exclusives. However, they can also be played on PC.

Ori Game series review

Caleb LaFleur, Journalist
January 19, 2021
Pathways 4 Youth foundation for the homeless is a local program working to end youth homelessness.

Pathways 4 youth

Avry Bailey, Journalist
January 18, 2021
Getting the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine is of the utmost importance! Do not skip it!!

Covid-19: second dose no shows

Nolan Hemmesch, Photo Editor and Journalist
January 18, 2021
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